Sinkhole Remediation in Ft. Meyers Can Help

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Home Improvement


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Sinkholes are nothing new, but they have been making the headlines lately, sinkhole remediation in Ft. Myers can help to reduce the risk greatly. Sinkholes are a natural phenomenon that occur in areas that have limestone bedrock. Unfortunately, in most of Florida, the bedrock is limestone. These holes open up in the earth after rain and other run off wear away the bedrock causing everything above the bedrock to cave in. They are not that common, but they are common enough. Taking steps to prevent a sinkhole from caving can prevent the loss of your home and injuries.

What is Remediation for Sinkholes?

Remediation for sinkholes is a process that is performed by trained professionals that can stop a sinkhole from sinking. There are a couple of indications that there may be a problem that needs to be addressed. There are different approaches to shore up the underlying ground. This will prevent the earth from opening up.

Kast, Limestone and the Indicators

In lieu of a geological survey if you live in Florida (central most likely) or Kentucky your property likely is built on a limestone/Kast bedrock which mean that if it is going to happen these areas have a much higher probability of it happening there. Some signs that something is wrong include:

• Bowing walls

• A slip in the foundation

• Cracking foundation

In absence of very old age and poor workmanship, your foundation should not start to slip off to one side or the other. If your interior walls are bowing that is another sign that your property may be under threat from a sinkhole. The only solution when you realize that you have a problem is to speak to a contractor that is expert in this type of remediation.

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