Steps For An Andersen Window Installation In Omaha, NE

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Home Improvement


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In Nebraska, replacement windows provide homeowners with improved energy efficiency and better home security. Any time a window is broken, a replacement is needed when repairs aren’t possible. A local contractor provides the steps for an Andersen Window Installation in Omaha NE to give homeowners these benefits.

Removing the Existing Window

The existing trim and jamp extension should be pried out of the window casing. All the older materials must be removed to ensure that the new window fits correctly. Remove the old window from the casing. If the glass is broken, it is necessary to remove it before pulling the window itself out. The contractor will clean up the area completely to lower the chances of personal injuries.

Preparation for the New Installation

The contractor inspects the window jamb for damage. Any rotten wood or damage is corrected first. The window opening is examined and measured. The contractor must determine the exact size of the opening for the new window. It should measure at least one-quarter inch larger than the exterior side of the installation.

Installing a New Window Stop

The window stop is necessary to stop the window from moving at any time. The contractor inspects the window stop and determines if a replacement is needed. The replacement must be sealed to prevent any further issues after the installation.

Testing the Fit

Next, the contractor must determine if the window fits within the space correctly. It is pushed into the opening, and a dry fit is performed. If the window fits correctly, the contractor will apply silicone around the entire window stop. Next, the window is pushed back into proper position. Shims are placed at the top and bottom of the window. All hardware and insulation are installed to complete the installation.

In Nebraska, homeowners replace windows quickly after storm damage. In many cases, a broken window could lead to property damage and increase the probability of a home invasion. A replacement is necessary to lower these common risks. Property owners who need an Andersen Window Installation in Omaha NE can contact Window Innovations directly to set up an appointment today.

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