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The Benefits of Framed Glass Shower Doors in Indianapolis, IN

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you have a couple of options for keeping your shower contained. One of the least expensive options is a shower curtain. However, a shower curtain is ultimately an inferior choice. They have to be washed frequently, and over time, they will gather bacteria and mold. They’ll eventually be beyond washing and you’ll have to replace them. They also don’t form a tight seal to keep water from getting onto the floor and the walls of your bathroom. Your best options are framed glass shower doors.

Shower Doors

A shower door is a great choice for several different reasons. It is very easy to clean framed glass shower doors in Indianapolis, IN. Since the doors are made of glass and glass is a very hard material, they will not scratch easily. Hard water and soap scum can actually scratch plastic but not glass. Since they will not scratch and are not porous, glass shower doors will not gather dirt or bacteria, which means they’ll be very easy to clean.

If you’re interested in getting and maintaining glass shower doors, you should get more information from quality installers. They’ll walk you through your different options and how to maintain them.

Cleaning the Doors

If you have framed glass shower doors, you will need to keep them clean. They’re easier to clean than plastic curtains, but they still need cleaning nonetheless. The easiest option is to spray a shower cleaner on the doors after each shower. Then, from time to time, you’ll need to actually scrub them. The shower cleaner just needs to be a mild detergent that will cut through any oil from your skin or bacteria that might have built up. It will also need to cut through any mineral deposits from drying water. If you do this from time to time, you’ll keep your shower doors nice and clean.