The Different Kinds of Window Services in Kennett Square, PA

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Home Improvement


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There are two different kinds of windows that have grown in popularity throughout Pennsylvania. The window frames tend to come in vinyl or wood. The difference between the two materials is functional as well as aesthetic. Wood is the more aesthetically pleasing of the two materials, but vinyl is more adaptable. You might like the look of unfinished wood, but you can get vinyl in many more colors. Furthermore, the functional differences are very important, and these involve the way the materials react to changing temperatures and humidity. Also, the functional difference depends on the insulating properties. When you call a window services professional, ask about the difference between wood and vinyl.

Functional Difference

The functional difference between vinyl and wood is the way it responds to changes in temperature and humidity. The temperature outside and the temperature inside tend to change drastically in some situations. For example, summer temperatures can hit over ninety degrees with very high humidity, while the winter tends to be very cold and very dry. Window services in Kennett Square, PA, can help you deal with that discrepancy. During the summer, your wood will swell with the humidity. During the winter, it will contract. That can cause your windows to become drafty, which is a problem that is particularly significant for wooden frames. Vinyl is not quite as susceptible to that kind of change. Walter & Jackson, Inc. can help protect your home.


Insulating your home is another function of window services. You need to make sure your window frames are keeping your home protected from the changing temperatures. Vinyl and wood have different insulating properties. Wood is a more natural insulator that has well-attributed qualities. Vinyl is sometimes considered to be slightly more effective, but it is not made from natural ingredients. If you want your windows to be natural, you should look for wood. If your focus is functionality, vinyl will do.

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