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The Myriad of Options for Countertops for Seattle, WA Homes

When someone is building a home or renovating their existing home, and their thoughts turn towards the kitchen, there is likely to be a great deal of talk about cabinetry. Cabinets are perhaps one of the most utilitarian items in the kitchen, and they also make up the largest chunk of the budget during a renovation project. Close behind that in looks and functionality are Countertops for Seattle WA.

The Popular Granite Option

The good thing is that there are many types of countertop materials that can be used. Perhaps one of the most popular materials these days is granite. Granite is extremely beautiful, it’s durable and it can work with many design preferences. One of the few downsides to granite is that it’s cost can sometimes affect it being the choice for most homeowners looking for countertop materials.

Affordable Alternatives

Affordable countertop materials would be something like a laminate countertop. These countertops can mimic the look of various types of natural stone or wood countertops, but they are much less expensive. Unfortunately, these types of countertops don’t last nearly as long as other quality materials. If a person is on a budget, they may want to consider this material, at least temporarily.

Man-made Stone Countertops

Another option is to use multiple types of stone, such as travertine, soapstone or even quartz. Quartz is an interesting choice because it is a man-made material. It does use natural stone, but it also uses a high level of polymer resins. This material can mimic granite or marble, and it’s just as durable as natural stone and, in most cases, it’s a bit less expensive. It’s certainly not as cheap as laminate countertops, but when it comes to exquisite looks with tremendous durability and function at a lower cost, quartz is a great option that many people are turning to. To know more, click here.

There are many options for Countertops for Seattle WA homes. That’s why, if you’re interested in seeing for yourself the various countertop options to choose from and to find one that fits your taste and budget, a resource like Granite Top Inc can be quite helpful.