Things To Know About Shade Tree Sales in Dallas

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Tree Services


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Shade trees provide a beautiful respite from the blazing sun during the hot summer months. Before planting any trees, however, a few things must be kept in mind. Here are a few tips on engaging in shade Tree Sales in Dallas.

1. Choose the location of the tree. Consult with the company selling trees as to what amount of growing space will be required and what the soil should be like. The soil in more urban areas may not be as nutrient-rich as that in more rural areas and may need special care to get up to optimum quality. In addition, there other factors such as the amount of sunlight will or will not need and if there are any utility lines near the tree.
These will place a strict limit on how high the tree will be able to be allowed to grow. Failure to take these things into consideration could result in a short and miserable for the tree.

2. A healthy shade tree generally does not require a lot of maintenance. Pruning, feeding, and raking in the autumn months are really the only things are required to keep the tree in tip-top shape.

3. Ask the company that performs Tree Sales in Dallas what the shape of the tree will be when matured. Each type of tree has a distinctive shape that may or may not pair well with landscape plans.

4. If there exist plans for grass beneath the shade tree, make sure that it is of a shade-tolerant variety. When trees and grass are competing for the same water and nutrients, the tree will win.

5. 5. Avoid trimming around the tree with a string trimmer. Any laceration that occurs to the bark will eventually let in disease and insects and result in the death of the tree.

Contact a reputable tree sales company like Alfaro Tree Sales, Inc. for advice and recommendations from people that have been in the business and who know what they are talking about. A knowledgeable staff will be the best source of information and help when it comes time to landscape the yard with beautiful shade trees.

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