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Three Reasons to Switch to Green Cleaning Services in Rowlett

There are many reasons that you should be using green cleaning products in your home and office. Once you understand the harmful effects that regular cleaning products have on your environment and your health, you will want to make the switch to a green cleaning services in Rowlett, TX immediately.

Harmful to Your Health

Take a second to look at the label on your favorite cleaning products. You will see a host of warning labels on them. One such ingredient is 2-Butoxyethanol, which the United States government does not require companies to even list as an ingredient when they use it. This ingredient can cause rashes and irritate throats. Another common ingredient is ammonia, which can irritate the eyes, nose and throat. Many people have breathing problems when they inhale the fumes while others feel dizzy.

Damaged Water Supply

When you have someone clean with regular cleaning products, ammonia, chlorine and other harmful chemicals enter the water stream. Furthermore, some chemicals undergo reactions that lead to the formation of harmful byproducts. Additionally, improper disposal or excessive use of cleaning products can contribute to water pollution and compromise the quality of drinking water sources. As a result, regular cleaning products disrupt aquatic ecosystems, harm aquatic life and potentially pose risks to human health through the consumption of contaminated water.

Increases Hormonal Irregularities

A common ingredient in many cleaning products used by cleaning services in Rowlett is triclosan. Scientists know that this ingredient can increase hormonal irregularities. Furthermore, cleaning products often have many ingredients designed to kill bacteria. These ingredients often make antibiotics less effective when you get sick.

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