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Three Reasons to Work with an Electrician Before Purchasing Home Generators

The popularity of generators for commercial and residential properties has seen growth. Some people live in areas where electricity is negatively impacted due to extreme weather conditions like storms. Others live in areas where the delivery of electricity has become unreliable. Whatever your reason for purchasing a generator, generators offer several benefits.

Here are three reasons why you should consult with a professional electrician before purchasing home generators in Glenview.

What Size to Purchase

When you purchase a generator, you want to ensure that it is going to provide the amount of power you are expecting and not less. An electrician finds out how many appliances and rooms you want to power. Then he recommends the appropriate size. There is such a thing as a whole house generator. There are also smaller ones.

Load Calculation

Professional electricians complete what is known as a load calculation. This determines how hard a generator would have to work in order to keep all your desired items powered on if the electricity went out. If you want to keep the refrigerator, wine cellar and master bedroom lights on, the load management calculation takes into account how much power is needed when they are powered at the same time.


Generators are not used year-round in most cases. They still require maintenance, though. A yearly check up is recommended just to ensure that it will operate if you turn it on.

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