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Tips for Choosing Granite Countertops in Kent, WA

Granite countertops are one of the most sought after types of countertops among home buyers, so adding granite to your kitchen can increase the value of the home. These beautiful countertops aren’t cheap, however, so it pays to take care to choose just the right one for your kitchen.

Size Considerations

When choosing granite countertops in Kent, WA, make sure you choose the size of the slabs carefully. You want to minimize the number of seams in the counter, so choose a larger piece if possible. Seams will catch the eye and distract from the beauty of the counters. Also, opt for either 1.25-inch or .75-inch thick counters, as the 1.5-inch thickness is usually made of two .75-inch thick slabs glued together. Eventually, the glue may deteriorate and cause problems along the seam.

Color Considerations

Choosing a dark color of granite that doesn’t have much of a pattern will minimize the appearance of stains, so this may be a good idea if there’s going to be a lot of liquid and food touching the counter, which is often the case in kitchens. However, lighter colors may be best in areas that don’t get a lot of natural light. White granite tends to fit in well with modern kitchens, while green granite can give a room a more natural look. If using darker granite, it goes well with lighter cabinets to keep the kitchen from looking too dark and making it, so the kitchen doesn’t look smaller than it is.

Cabinet Style Considerations

You have a few choices for the edges of countertops in Kent, WA. You don’t want the edge to conflict in style with the cabinets. A bull nose edge goes well with cabinets with a more traditional style, while beveled edges match well with more modern cabinets. However, if you have small children, you may want to go with rounded edges, so you don’t risk them cutting their heads on the cabinet edge if they aren’t looking where they’re going.

Sink Considerations

You’ll need to decide how you want the sink mounted in the countertop. If it’s top mounted, there will be a more visible edge, and this could also trap bacteria and dirt. Many people prefer an under mounted sink to make it easier to keep the countertops clean.

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