Tips For Healthy Lawn Maintenance In Houston

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Home and Garden


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A beautiful lawn is one of the first things people notice about a home. Since it’s such a prominent feature, it’s important to ensure that your lawn looks its best. This is especially true if you are selling your home, but is also something to keep in mind if you plan on living there for a number of years to come. Being able to take pride in your home, including your lawn, helps making coming home after a long day that much better. Here are a few tips for healthy lawn maintenance in Houston, to help you take pride in your yard.

Don’t Forget To Fertilize

Experts recommend adding some fertilizer to your lawn twice a year; once in the fall and once in the spring. This helps to keep your lawn looking lush and healthy, and helps to prevent bald or yellow spots from occurring.

Learn How To Water Your Lawn

The best practice to put into place when it comes to watering your lawn is to water your lawn once a week, but for an extended period of time. Watering once a week for about twenty minutes will give your lawn the water it needs. Be sure to use the full twenty minutes. This allows the water to soak deep into the ground, getting the roots of the grass and preventing brown patches from popping up.

Hire Professionals For Mowing

Mowing your lawn in a way that helps keep it looking beautiful is a lot more technical than most homeowners anticipate. Depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and type of grass, your mowing schedule will change. In addition the length of grass that you leave will also change depending on those same factors. This makes it a good idea to leave mowing to the professionals, who will ensure that the job is done right without the need for guesswork on your part.

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