Tips On Window Glass Repair in St. Louis, MO

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Windows


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No matter how hard a homeowner may try, eventually they will have to face the prospect of broken window glass. Whether it is something innocuous like a baseball being accidentally thrown through it or something more sinister like a burglary, it will need to be repaired all the same. Here are some tips on window Glass Repair in St. Louis MO.

  *      The first thing to always remember is “safety first,” so it is advised to don safety glasses and gloves to avoid injury to the hands and eyes while the work is being done.

  *      Before removing the broken glass, create a crosshatch on the window frame with masking tape to avoid further breakage and injury from glass shards.

  *      The replacement glass should be of the same type as what was originally in the window. This is, so that matches the other windows in the home. A small or medium-sized shard can be brought down to the local hardware store to have professionals match the glass if need be.

  *      Adhere newspaper to the window sash with tape to be able to catch any fragments that may fall out. When disposing of the broken glass, it is best to just dispose of in the regular trash as very few recycling facilities will take window glass.

  *      If the windows are of the wood variety, the old putty will need to be chiseled out and the glazier’s points will need to be pulled out. Sand the wood down and replace the old putty with new putty to create a new bedding for the new glass. After the putty is dry, the wood can be repainted.

  *      If the Glass Repair in St. Louis MO is being done on vinyl or metal windows, the process is much simpler. The window can be simply disassembled and the new pane of glass inserted into the frame. Reassemble the frame and put back into place.

If any of this sounds too difficult, or if the glass is in very large planes or reside on higher floor levels, it is best to call in the professionals. A company such as A M Richards Glass Co Inc can perform the work quickly and safely to get the home back to looking beautiful again.

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