Tips to Maintain the New Space after Kitchen Remodeling in Murrieta CA

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Home Builder


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There is no question that the kitchen is the epicenter of a home. This is particularly true thanks to the popularity of open plan kitchens and spaces that serve multiple functions. This busy room receives more traffic and is subjected to more grease and dirt than most of the other rooms in a home. Due to all this traffic and use, it can be difficult to keep a newly remodeled kitchen looking pristine. After the Kitchen Remodeling in Murrieta, CA is done, be sure to use the tips here to keep it looking great.

Don’t Let Clutter Build Up in the Space

When the Kitchen Remodeling in Murrieta, CA project is completed, take a look at the room prior to moving in small appliances, cookbooks, pots and pans and other items. Chances are it looks pretty neat and clean. While adding personal items and touches will help finish the space, if too many items are left on shelves and counters they may look messy and make it more difficult to clean the space. Try adding some storage accessories to help utilize the space that is available and to minimize the clutter on the counters.

Choose Surfaces Wisely

There are quite a few options available for back splashes, flooring, and countertops in today’s kitchen. Most people spend quite a bit of time selecting the right colors, textures and looks for their space. Learning how to properly maintain these new surfaces is essential if a homeowner wants to keep them looking great. For example, hardwood flooring will need to be cleaned differently than the tile that may have been present in the past.

When a homeowner takes the time to understand the surfaces in their new kitchen, it will help them maintain the new surfaces properly from the first day. In some cases, a homeowner can contact the manufacturer for help or simply talk to the contractor who handled the remodeling project.

Remodeling a kitchen can be quite exciting. It allows a homeowner to redesign the space, adding in personal touches and their own personal style. To learn more about kitchen remodeling or get an estimate for a project, contact the staff from SDS Homes Construction Corp.

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