Update Your Store’s Windows

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Glass


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When people walk past your storefront, what do they notice? If the first thing that they see is chipped, cracked or damaged storefront glass in Chicago, it is time to take action. First impressions are important to your ability to convert passers-by into paying customers. When your building looks great, it makes people want to come inside and do business with you.

Glass lasts a long time, but after a few decades, it may become damaged from rain, wind and ultraviolet light from the sun. A severe storm could also damage the glass, causing pits or dings in its surface. If you had a tint applied to it, wind and rain could cause the tint to fade. Replacing worn and damaged glass with new storefront glass is a wise investment.

People often choose a business to patronize based on the aesthetic appeal of it. They may look through your storefront windows in order to see what you sell. If the storefront windows do not provide an appealing view, those people could walk away and take their business and money elsewhere. Our new glass enhances your curb appeal and draws people into your retail establishment.

We offer efficient glass replacement services. If you have an urgent situation that necessitates the replacement of your store’s glass windows or doors, we offer daily availability. This is helpful in cases of storm damage or vandalism. We also offer convenient appointment times for planned glass replacements. Our technicians work efficiently and treat you with respect and professionalism.

When you are in need of new windows or other storefront glass in Chicago, contact us at Lakeview Glass Inc.

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