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What Construction Cleanup in Montgomery County Typically Includes

Construction cleanup is often the last step that needs to be taken before a building can be used for commercial or residential purposes after it is newly constructed or has gone through a renovation. There are different stages of the cleaning process. Most construction clean-up services in Montgomery County, MD, work to offer a customized service to their clients to meet their needs.

The first stage may be a rough preparatory cleaning of the inside of the building. It involves cleaning areas of the construction site before final elements have been added. It would involve dusting surfaces, prepping the floor for tile, or washing the interior windows.

With construction clean up services in Montgomery County, MD, the final interior cleaning involves a more detailed cleaning. Consider the detailed cleaning that would take place in a newly constructed or renovated bathroom. It would involve cleaning the baseboards, window seals, windows, and all surfaces. The floors would be washed and cleaned. Doorknobs, light switches, doors, and door frames would be wiped down. The inside and outside of the toilet would be cleaned and sanitized. The sink, bathtub, shower walls, and glass doors would also be cleaned and sanitized.

A final exterior cleaning involves removing trash from the property, washing the exterior doors and windows, dusting exterior lights, and power washing the driveway. Each client requires something unique. The construction cleanup company would work to meet their needs.

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