Why Choose Vinyl Siding from Your Lebanon NH House Painters?

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Painting


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Is the paint peeling on your home exterior? Maybe the color has faded over the seasons, and your house looks old and rundown. You could talk to your painting contractors about a fresh coat of paint. However, they also offer new vinyl siding installation. Here are some reasons to consider vinyl to your house.

Maintenance Cost

Standard wood siding needs regular painting, and if wood rots, it must be replaced. When you choose new vinyl siding from trusted contractors like Home Partners, there is very little maintenance to worry about. For instance, you never need to paint vinyl. It keeps its good looks for many years.

Insect Damage

Wood can be damaged by insects. Some insects bore into wood and cause it to rot prematurely. Insects cannot attack vinyl, so there are no problems to be concerned with after your painter installs vinyl siding.


Compared to fiber cement siding, vinyl is cheaper. Vinyl requires less maintenance, and fiber cement needs occasional painting. Installing vinyl is not difficult, and this keeps the installation cost for homeowners down. If you want a cost-effective solution to your home siding problems, vinyl has much to offer.

Energy Efficiency

Your contractor can install additional insulation under your new vinyl siding, and this makes it very energy efficient. You can lower your heating bills in winter and cooling bills in summer with energy-efficient siding.


Aluminum may easily dent or ding in hail storms. Fiber cement siding absorbs moisture. However, vinyl is strong and durable and unaffected by moisture from rain, snow, and sleet. This is why your contractor can give you excellent warranties on vinyl materials and installation. It costs nothing to contact your Lebanon NH painter about an estimate for the work.

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