Why Mirrors on a Sliding Closet Door in Santa Clarita, CA Make Sense

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Home Improvement


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There’s no doubt that sliding doors on a closet make life easier. This design makes it easier to get to every nook and cranny in the closet. It also ensures that the doors take up no space in the room proper. In order to make a good thing even better, why not think about using mirrors on each Sliding Closet Door in Santa Clarita CA? Here are some of the reasons why this approach is worth investigating.

Reflecting Light

The decision to adhere mirrors to each Sliding Closet Door in Santa Clarita CA provides a great way to enhance the lighting in the space. During the day, the mirrors will reflect any light coming in through the windows. At night, the space will still be well lit by using lamps on the nightstands. Even with the reflection, the light will not be as harsh as using the overhead light fixture. When the plan is to make the space feel cozy, those mirrors will help a great deal.

Making a Smaller Room Look Larger

The presence of the mirror tiles or plate glass mirrors on the closet doors will make the room feel less crowded and small. While nothing can be done to physically increase the square footage, the mirrors add an element that makes the space seem larger than it really is. By choosing to use furnishings that are in scale with the room and adding the mirrors to the doors, the space will look more open and invite.

Ideal for Quick Fashion Checks

Even if there is a dresser with a mirror in the room, it’s hard to conduct that final check before heading out the door in the morning. Since the mirrors on the sliding closet doors are full length, it’s easy to do a quick check and make sure the shoes work with the outfit, the accessories are just right, and that the hair is in place.

If the idea of mirrors on the closet doors sounds appealing, call the team at Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company today. It won’t take long to take a look at the sliding doors and determine the right dimensions for the mirrors. Once the project is completed, the homeowner will wonder why it took so long to come up with the idea.

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