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Wooden Ceiling Tiles Made in the USA Make Any Public Space Welcoming

Architectural wooden ceiling tiles not only add warmth and character to a space but also modulate sound. That’s one reason why you’ll find beautiful wood ceilings in churches, university lecture halls, libraries, and many other public spaces. They can do the same job as foam acoustic tiles, but with much more beauty.

Wood ceiling tiles can take many shapes, from open cubes to rows of slats. They can also be manufactured as curved panels, for a very unique look. You can order ready-made wood ceiling tiles or have a custom wood ceiling designed for your space. The panels can easily be installed with common tools.

Wooden ceiling and wall tiles are also sustainable and environmentally friendly; that’s especially true of tiles made of bamboo. The core of many wood ceiling tiles is made of recycled wood and covered with wood veneer. Unlike other interior wall and ceiling tiles, wood does not emit formaldehyde or VOCs.

Wood is familiar and natural, and, in today’s high-tech world, a space lined with wood is grounding and comforting. If you want to create a warm and welcoming environment in your business or public building, wood is the answer. It can put visitors at ease and keep your workforce calm and focused.

Considered installing wooden ceiling tiles and wall panels if you are either remodeling or building a new space. They’ll create an unparalleled environment you can be proud of.

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