5 Signs You Need Glass Repair Services

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Business


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A faulty window can catch up with you. If you’re dealing with window issues, here are some signs that you need to call in pros to carry out repairs or install new ones.

Water Leaks and Jams

If you can’t close your windows anymore, that could lead to water leaks. Eliminate the source of those leaks by getting your windows fixed. If the mirror is already compromised, talk to an expert and have your window checked. Hire a pro for glass repair in Houston to fix the problem.

High AC Bills

If you have high energy bills, cracks or faulty mirrors in your windows could be the cause. Since you can’t fully close your mirrors, that means the warm or cool air escapes through the cracks. That forces your AC system to work harder to cool or warm your rooms.


If you feel like there’s a draft or drop in your home’s temperature even when you have your heater on, that could be a sign of leaks through your glass. Talk to a pro about having those issues repaired. If the window specialist tells you that the glass is beyond repair, start thinking about investing in new options and designs.

Candle Test

You could also do the candle test. Light up a candle when you’re near the windows. If the light blows out, or if the light sways, that means air is getting through the windows. That could be caused by your faulty mirrors. It’s about time you had that fixed or replaced.

Condensation and Mold

Is there condensation around the windows and the mirrors? That could indicate an even bigger problem. Talk to a mirror specialist about the potential problems and easy fixes. If mold growth is starting, talk to pros about getting repairs done to prevent any further issues Mr. Glass & Mirror – Houston.

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