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Millennials Most Likely to Choose Basement Finishing in Bloomfield, CT

Hiring a contractor to do basement finishing in Bloomfield, CT is a cost-effective way to expand a home’s living space. This area can serve several purposes, increasing everyone’s satisfaction with the home. A finished basement also boosts resale value.

Wasted Space

Many basements have a great deal of wasted space. The homeowners use this lower level for appliances like a washing machine, clothes dryer and water heater. Furnaces are installed there, and somebody might have a workshop. The rest of the area is empty or is used for storage.

An Affordable Option

Converting a basement to living space is currently a strong trend, especially so among young homeowners. First-time home buyers in the millennial generation find basement finishing in Bloomfield, CT an affordable way to increase living space square footage. In contrast, purchasing a house with that same total square footage would be out of their budget.

Generational Trends

Homeowners younger than 40 are significantly likelier to have a basement remodeled than older men and women are. That’s according to survey responses published by HomeAdvisor. When people older than 40 want more living space, they are likelier to move to a bigger house. They have worked for more years and typically are better able to afford this decision.

Younger adults might buy a modest house and hire a contractor to build a family room and bathroom in the basement. There could be a wet bar for entertaining and space for a refrigerator.

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