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A Wildomar, CA Home Builder Prevents Bathroom Placement Dissatisfaction

Some men and women buy residential property to have a new house built there, but they have tight budget restrictions. They look for floor plans that allow them to cut costs in various ways. One strategy involves bathroom placement to reduce plumbing costs. Property owners should carefully consider the potential problems with this, though. A custom home builder Wildomar CA, helps clients have their dream house without issues that detract from satisfaction.

Two-Bathroom Floor Plans

If the house will have two bathrooms, there’s usually no problem with having them placed side by side with back-to-back plumbing. The floor plan might have both in a hallway. A common design in ranch homes is to have one bathroom in a hallway and the other next to a bedroom. A custom home builder in Wildomar, CA, has many floor plans with these designs.

One-Bathroom Floor Plans

The risk for dissatisfaction arises when the property owners decide on a one-bathroom floor plan with the plumbing connected to the kitchen. Typically, this results in the bathroom opening into a main living area. After showering, people must exit into the living room or dining area. Guests may feel uncomfortable using this room when they want privacy for one reason or another. Another possible point of dissatisfaction is the inability to have a window over the kitchen sink.

Reviewing Ideas

A custom home builder can review several floor plans with clients to develop the most suitable design for their preferences and budget. Information about SDS Homes Construction can be viewed at