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Advanced Insulation Materials Bolster Refrigeration Technoloy

Technology is changing the game across an array of industries today, and that includes something millions of people take for granted every day – refrigeration. The inner workings of refrigeration units is becoming increasingly sophisticated with new materials that are boosting insulation factors and saving billions of kilowatts of energy globally.

The process of refrigeration is naturally energy intensive. Keeping things cold inside a closed container when it is hot outside means that energy must be constantly pumped into the system to create an artificial environment. The less “coldness” that can escape from an enclosed system, the less energy needed to keep it that way. The insulation factor is huge.

Engineers point to in achieving highly efficient refrigeration is polyurethane. The substance first came into wide use in the mid-1980s. The increased efficiency of polyurethane insulation made it possible to produce units with thinner walls. This allows for more interior space without the need for bulkier construction on the outside.

The door of a refrigerator is a key point of consideration. The seal around a door, for example, is a primary point where cool air can leak, drastically reducing energy efficiency.

In warmer climate regions, such as southern California which is famous for its warm weather year-round, “refrigerator insulated doors California” are four words that have become a near obsession for refrigeration design engineers.

The Holy Grail of designing the perfect refrigeration door is a combination of superior insulation, practicality of use and minimal impact on the environment in terms of energy usage and protection of the ozone layer, say experts at TKS Cold Storage Mfg. and Construction.

Indeed, an internet search on “refrigerator insulated doors California” brings back loads of information about the many aspects and configurations of door design. They come in many varieties, including standard entry doors, horizontal slide doors, vertical lift doors, bi-parting horizontal parting doors, double-acting traffic doors, glass doors and many, many more.