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Create the Showplace You’ve Dreamed of With Professional Landscape Design Services in Norwalk, CT

No matter how complete it appears, landscaping is always a work in progress. Even when some of the landscaping components are hundreds of years old, as is true in many of the great homes of Europe, there is always something new in a garden. Plantings provide constantly changing color and interest while masonry features are the backbone.

Landscape Design

The longest-lasting elements of the landscape should be planned first even if they won’t be completed for years. If you know you eventually want a large patio and pool, don’t plant trees in that spot. Instead, use the space for a play area for the kids or a flower garden. Plant trees in their permanent locations.

Create a Basic Plan

Professional Landscape Design Services in Norwalk CT will be extremely helpful with the entire design process. If you choose to do your own design, review it with a pro.

  • Create a plan on graph paper with the measurements of the yard. This can be done on the computer, but there’s more sense of scale when drawn on a large piece of paper.
  • Include all of the fixed features such as the home, outbuildings, trees, hardscapes, irrigation, etc.
  • Mark in areas of full sun, partial sun, and shade.

Play With the Sketch

This part of the design process is easiest done on the computer, especially if you have a large monitor.

  • Play with the design, trying out different paths, materials, plantings, and patio designs.
  • Draw everything to scale, including the full size of trees. One of the biggest mistakes people make is planting very large shrubs and trees too close to the home.
  • Consider the practical details, such as where to place lights, irrigation, and electric outlets. If there will be a need for outdoor steps, will it be possible to get a wheelbarrow up and down? Where would be the best spot for a garden shed to store outdoor equipment?

Finalize the Plan

Add color and symbols representing bricks, granite, and water features. Do seasonal drawings showing the colors of flowering trees and other plantings as they change as the year progresses. Ensure some evergreens are included for winter interest.

Giglio Landscape Services LLC has been providing Landscape Design Services in Norwalk CT for over 20 years. Make your home the gorgeous showplace you’ve always dreamed of. Call Giglio today to learn how to turn your plans into reality.