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Why Homeowners Should Hire a Pro for New Roof Installation in Menasha

DIY is more popular than ever, thanks to outlets such as Pinterest and YouTube. While it may be fine to look online for help with a new recipe or a minor automotive repair, some jobs-;such as New Roof Installation in Menasha-;should be left to the professionals. Here, homeowners can Get more information on why they should hire a contractor for roof repair or replacement.

It Can be Very Dangerous

This reason seems rather obvious, but it still bears repeating. Doing strenuous labor on top of the house puts the owner in a dangerous situation, and a fall from the rooftop can result in serious injury or even death. DIY roof repair may help a homeowner save money, but it’s just not worth the risk.

It’s Hard to Do

The average bundle of shingles weighs between 60 and 80 pounds, and it covers just 33 square feet of the roof surface. It takes many trips up and down the ladder just to get all the shingles onto the rooftop, even before they’re installed.

It May Void the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Today’s shingles are guaranteed to last for a certain time, but the guarantee or warranty is only valid if they are properly maintained and installed. If a homeowner does a poor-quality DIY job and then has problems with the roof, the shingle manufacturer may refuse to honor the warranty.

No Legal Recourse for Bad Installation

This can be a big problem if a do-it-yourself New Roof Installation in Menasha goes poorly. If a customer hires a roofing contractor who does low-quality work, they can force the company to perform repairs or offer a refund. However, with a DIY job, the owner has to fix it or pay someone to do the job.

Getting it Done Correctly the First Time

The surest way to avoid all of the above problems is to hire a licensed local contractor after asking for recommendations from neighbors and friends. By choosing a qualified roofer, the customer can ensure the proper and professional installation of the roof. It may be a substantial upfront investment, but it can save the owner a great deal of money, time and frustration in the long term.