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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Roofs In Columbus

There are various options available to homeowners who are serious about helping the environment. One of the most popular ways that homeowners can help protect the planet and save themselves money is by installing a solar roof. To learn more information about Solar Roofs in Columbus read the frequently asked questions below.

Will installing solar panels on the roof cause any damage to the roofing materials or structure?

Solar panels that are properly installed will not cause any type of damage to a roof, roofing materials or structure. When solar panels are installed on a roof, they can actually help to prolong the lifespan of the roofing materials. Rain and the wind can eventually cause damage to the roofing materials, and when the roof is covered up by the solar panels, the elements can’t damage the roof. Before the installation of the panels, experienced solar panel installers will inspect the roof and its structure to ensure that it’s stable enough to support the panels.

Will solar panels still work to create energy on a cloudy day or when it rains?

During the days when the sun is hidden by the clouds, the solar panels will still continue to work even with indirect sunlight. When the sun is bright, the panels work more efficiently, and this aids in balancing out the energy that’s used during the night and when the sun isn’t its brightest. Rain can be beneficial to solar panels because it removes dirt and debris that can collect on the panels.

Is it expensive for homeowners to install solar panels on their roof?

There’s an upfront cost for Solar Roofs in Columbus but as soon as they’re installed homeowners will begin saving money on their energy usage. Even after the cost of the solar panels is paid for through energy bill savings, the solar panels will continue to save money for homeowners.

Homeowners can save money, help the environment and enjoy many other benefits of a solar roof when they contact Arrow Roofing & Siding. This experienced company provides both residential and commercial roofing systems for their customers.