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Garage Door Roller Services State the Three Scenarios Where the Garage Roller is Responsible

The garage door has stopped working properly. It could be that it goes almost all the way up or down, and reverts back. It could be that it is completely unresponsive to the input or that it shakes and rattles the whole way up or down. No matter the issue, the garage door needs Garage Door Roller Services.

The issue usually derives from either the track or the electrical input. Both issues are manageable. The error could also derive from the roller, as the roller is often a source of the problem if it is not coming from the electrical. There are three common garage door errors, or scenarios, that point at the roller as the likely culprit.

Door Closes Partway, Then Reverses

Some more advanced systems have what is essentially a secure system. It will not work unless everything is in perfect working order. The system will trigger, but it will counteract that by reversing. The issue could be any number of things, including worn dry rollers. The professional will also look at the extension of the spring cable and to see if any components are misaligned. The most common error with garage doors is when the door activates and then reverses.

Loud Popping Noises

A loud popping noise is a surefire indication that the roller is off its alignment. The worn rollers will be replaced when this occurs because the pop could derail the entire garage. It is not so much the pop, but the wear on the roller that is misaligned.


Homeowners want the issue to be a squeaking track. The reason is that any “repair” is mild and inexpensive. The professional will dry out the rollers to see if the squeaking stops. It may also be an issue with the hinges, which will be monitored as well.

Now, none of the above scenarios are exclusively caused by the roller. Garage Door Roller Services can diagnose what is responsible when the garage seizes working properly. It could be any number of things, including the bearing plate, track, or extension spring cables. Contact Ace Garage Door Company LLC for a garage door review and quote. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.