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Getting Carpenter Ant Control in Glen Burnie

Carpenter ants are several species of large black ants up to 1/2 inches long. All species do not eat wood, but they do form tunnels in wood in order to build housing for their colonies. Any method to control carpenter ants should focus on the colony and the queen, instead of killing individual ants. For each ant that dies, the queen can replace it with hundreds of other eggs. Gel pesticides can help infiltrate a colony of carpenter ants. To determine what type of Ant Control in Glen Burnie you need, it is best to contact a professional before treatment begins.

There are two types of pesticides that can kill carpenter ants. The first type is a silica gel, which can be applied by a professional exterminator in accordance with the local laws. The second type can be purchased and used by home or business owners. This insecticide is made up of boric acid and is an edible gel. Silica gel kills carpenter ants by destroying the protective out layer of their bodies. When the wax penetrates its shell, ants can easily dry out when exposed to normal light and heat. Fipronil kills ants by attacking its central nervous system. The communication between the body and the brain of the ant is paralyzed, and it ends up killing the insect. Boric acid is another poison that can help eliminate these kinds of pests.

The main advantage of silica gel is that it can easily penetrate a colony. However, silica gel must be applied directly to the colonies in order for it to work properly. This may require drilling holes in the wooden structures of a home or business. Over-the-counter pesticide gel baits are easy to apply. Carpenter ants that are exposed to the gel will return to the colony and spread the pesticide. Silica gel cannot be applied by a layman and can irritate the lungs if inhaled Ant Control in Glen Burnie gel bait can take up to 60 days to kill a colony, according to experts. The bait must be replaced as suggested by the manufacturer during these 60 days. Insecticide spray cannot be used near bait or ants will ignore the bait. Visit us for more details.