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Why Residents Depend on Exterminators in Minneapolis to Control Bed Bug Problems

Bed bug infestation is an old problem that has become new again and is even affecting modern cities like Minneapolis. Once nearly eliminated in the U.S., the bugs are now infesting single and multi-family homes. While there are some home-grown ways to destroy the bugs, residents generally rely on Exterminators in Minneapolis. Businesses like Be There 4 You offer safe and effective programs that eliminate the problem.

Why Bed Bugs Are Appearing Everywhere

At one time, bed bugs were so common in the U.S. that they were taken for granted. Eventually, pesticides wiped most of them out, but the most common treatments were so dangerous they were banned. Today, Exterminators in Minneapolis are again getting calls from clients who are plagued with the bugs. Many of them have imported the creatures from other countries. Although the U.S. temporarily conquered the insects, many other areas of the world never did. The tiny insects are excellent travelers and often hitch rides in tourists’ luggage. Once released, they can live almost anywhere and reproduce at astonishing speed.

Old-Fashioned Treatments Work-;Sort Of

Decades ago, homeowners with bed bugs would throw out bedding, and often many other belongings, in an effort to control the problem. Since the insects die when exposed to extreme heat, some people would save sheets, quilts, and other textiles by leaving them in the hot sun. Once dryers were invented, victims were able to salvage most washables. Many use that technique today. Unfortunately, that is only a first step. Homes have to be scrubbed thoroughly, often more than once. Since it is virtually impossible to find all of the bugs, infestations often repeat. Worse, treatments in multi-family buildings can drive the creatures into neighboring units.

Professional Treatment Is a Guaranteed Solution

The simplest solution for most people is to hire professional exterminators. They know where the bugs live and use modern methods to eliminate them. Professional treatments will not harm residents but are guaranteed to rid homes of adult bed bugs and their eggs. Although it may take more than one visit, they can get rid of any infestation, even in multi-family buildings.

Although bed bugs were almost eliminated in the U.S., they are once again being imported into the country. The insects are hard to remove, but exterminators offer treatments that are guaranteed to work.