How Homeowners Benefit from Window Replacements in Naperville, IL

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Roofing Contractor


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Financially savvy Naperville residents often improve homes instead of buying new ones. Many begin with upgrades that provide the most benefits, so Window Replacements in Naperville IL are common projects. They add instant style and minimize energy costs. Replacing residential windows can also make homes more secure.

Updating Windows Increases Curb Appeal

The most noticeable benefit provided by Window Replacements in Naperville IL is enhanced curb appeal. Out of style, original windows were often added for functional reasons and not for their looks. Contractors can help homeowners choose new windows that dramatically increase a home’s style. Window manufacturers offer a wide range of beautiful, low-maintenance products. During replacement projects, homeowners get a chance to add windows that are ideal for their decorating style. In many cases, they can even change views of scenery or increase the amount of light getting into rooms by completely altering window styles and sizes.

Replacement Windows Can Add Security

Homeowners who want to make their homes safer also contact exterior contractors and request a quote for replacement windows. Original windows often include rotted surrounds and may have single-pane glass that is no longer securely fitted. Old windows are typically easy to access points for thieves. In contrast, there are modern windows that are designed to resist forced entry. They also have locks that are hard to break. New windows are also more secure because contractors fit them securely during installation.

New Windows Are Wise Investments

Replacement windows are popular because they provide exceptional returns on homeowners’ investments. Newer windows reduce the amount of energy needed to keep homes heated and cooled. Studies show that replacing windows typically lowers energy bills by more than 25%. If homeowners choose specially-designed energy efficient windows they can increase home warmth by 50% and cool homes faster in the summer. Replacement windows qualify homeowners for energy tax credits. It also costs less to maintain most replacement windows. When all financial benefits are considered, replacing windows can offer up to a 90% return on investment.

Replacing home windows can add beauty and value to properties. New windows also make homes safer. In addition, the energy, maintenance and tax benefits make window replacement a financially wise home improvement project.

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