The Advantage of Beveling Glass in Santa Clarita, CA

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance


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When homeowners or contractors want a quality look for windows or mirrors, they are commonly choosing Beveling Glass in Santa Clarita CA. Beveled glass is a very popular choice due to its decorative features and its ability to refract light. The main characteristic of beveled glass is the different look and finish it has due to the fact that the edges are cut at an angle. The edges act as a prism that deflects light and splits it into the different colors of the spectrum.

Accentuate Any Bathroom Will Beveled Mirrors

Beveled mirrors can add a touch of class to any bathroom. The continuous slant on every side of the mirror creates multiple reflections and unique visual effects as the mirror tends to reflect all light that hits it. While it may give the appearance of a framed edge, it is truly a frame-less mirror that can complement any furnishings in the room and never go out of style.

Add a Touch of Class To Windows and Doors

Contractors or homeowners are often opting for the luxurious and sophisticated look of Beveling Glass in Santa Clarita CA on windows as well as doors. This type of glass is precision cut and can reflect light such as a prism would. There are also safety benefits, as all edges are polished and smooth, and users cannot get hurt by coming into contact with the sides.

Deal With a Full-Service Contractor

Customers should work with a company that deals with leading brands such as Andersen or Milgard. Inquire if the company can install shower doors or retrofit windows. Find out if they have a commercial division and if they have experience with schools, hospitals, or office buildings.

Do Business With a Local Company

By finding a company with over 55 years of experience, customers can rest easy knowing there is a stable history and solid reputation. For more information on such a company, visit the website. Learn about the well-stocked showroom, or customers can make arrangements to have the showroom come to them. Customers will be impressed with the knowledgeable staff who can help them not only make their home more energy efficient but more beautiful as well.

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