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Look at the Featured Online Offerings for a Serta Mattress in Temecula, CA

If you regularly experience a backache or are riddled by joint discomfort or pain, then you may need to buy a new mattress. Is your current mattress lumpy? Does the box springs squeak? Do you have trouble falling asleep? If you get up out of bed in the morning and do not feel totally rested, then it might be time to make a change. The best starting point is to look at the mattresses featured online. For example, you can find a number of featured mattresses on the website.

Where to Begin Your Mattress Search

By looking at this type of site, you can get a better idea about different mattress features and amenities. Begin by looking at the online line-up for a Serta mattress in Temecula, CA and go from there. Many mattresses today offer memory foam technology.

NASA first invented memory foam technology in the 1970s. The technology was designed to enhance crash protection and seat cushioning for pilots and passengers. It was also initially used to provide astronauts with extra support, as this type of foam absorbs pressure created by the G-force. Memory foam now has broad commercial applications, in addition to its use in pillows and mattresses.

A NASA Invention

So, when you are looking at mattresses online, such as a Serta mattress, you can thank NASA for making today’s mattress a more comfortable and durable product. The memory foam material is made of polyurethane and other chemicals to increase its density and viscosity. Memory foam is frequently referred to as viscoelastic polyurethane foam, or “LRPu” (low-resilience polyurethane foam), by people in the scientific community.

Memory foam-type materials, such as those used in a Serta mattress, have only recently become staples in the manufacturing process of mattresses and pillows. Consumers first used the foam in the 1990s. At that time, the material was noted for its healthy sleeping benefits. The foam is popular because it is able to support one’s body weight while reducing the strain on certain pressure points. So, if you suffer from a backache or general joint discomfort, this fact is important to keep in mind when shopping for a new mattress. Visit for more info.