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Maintaining your yard in Orange County – What you need to know

Maintaining your yard doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you set time aside for yard cleanup, you can get the results you want quickly and efficiently. Your yard surrounds your home and is the first thing that visitors to your property will see. Ensure that it looks its very best when you choose a yard maintenance Orange County company for assistance. This company will go above and beyond to provide the best yard maintenance service in Orange County.

Leaf raking and thatch removal

Excessive thatch can prevent moisture and air from reaching the soil and giving it the nutrients it needs. Leaf raking and thatch removal are recommended in the Fall and the Spring so that new seeds can be planted. Leaf raking can be done on your own however with a large property, it is recommended to consider a professional who can help with this process. They will provide the yard maintenance Orange County homeowners can depend on.

Mowing the lawn

It can be relaxing to mow the lawn especially if you have a sit-down mower. However, on very hot days it can be a challenge to stay outside for long. Additionally, lawn mowing can become very time-consuming. It is always easier to outsource this task to a company that provides yard maintenance Orange County services. In this way, you can focus on other areas of your garden that need your attention. Leave it to the landscaping company to handle all of these mundane tasks to keep your yard looking it’s very best.

The right yard maintenance Orange County service can also remove any unwanted clutter from your lawn so that it looks it’s very best. This will bring out the best in your property and enhance its overall look and value. Contact your local tree care company or landscaper for quality yard maintenance today!

Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. offers yard maintenance services in Orange County. Find out more when you visit them online at You can also connect them on Facebook.