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Maintenance Schedules and New Gutter Installation in Bellevue, WA

The function of the gutter is to funnel water away from the foundation of the home. It prevents damage to landscaping around the perimeter of the house and makes it more comfortable to stand under the eaves and unlock a door while it is raining. In addition, the gutter also prevents damage to entryways. The added benefit of gutters is that they do more than just stop water damage. They add visual appeal and make a home look well-maintained. Of course, all of these benefits rely on proper maintenance.

Clean Gutters Regularly

A single cleaning in late fall or early spring is not enough. Leaves, sticks, and other debris become trapped in gutters throughout the year. Seasonal cleanings prevent damage from clogs. Inspections after heavy wind storms will also preserve many gutter systems.

Install Safety Measures

Gutter guards and screens help to control the amount of solid debris entering the gutter. They will not block everything and cleaning is still recommended. Gutter guards can cause ice dams that could back water up and lead to roof damage. Talk to an expert prior to gutter installation in Bellevue WA to determine what screen or guard is less likely to cause trouble during winter.

Perform Annual Maintenance

In addition to cleaning it is important to inspect the entire system and repair as needed. Simple tasks like replacing a hanger, sealing seams and touching up loose paint will keep the gutters more secure and more attractive.

Replace as Needed

Nothing lasts forever and that includes gutters. Vinyl gutters last 10-20 years, steel systems usually need to be removed and replaced after 20 years and copper will generally last for 50 years or more. Good maintenance will extend the life of the gutters. Contact a contractor for new Gutter Installation in Bellevue WA if the material is bent, leaking or extremely corroded.

Older homes and some new structures never have gutters installed. Peeling paint on entry steps, soil erosion around the home and wet basements make it clear why all houses benefit from this investment. Visit the website to learn more about the options available today and how easy it is to increase curb appeal and reduce maintenance with their installation.