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Throwback to Modern Victorian with Designer Wallcoverings

Not everyone is into the modular, modern, interior design. For those of you that prefer something a little more old fashioned, with a twist of modernism, you should definitely consider the modern Victorian look. Of course, out of the Victorian era came ornate wooden furniture, thick wallpaper with extremely detailed patterns, and tapestries and rugs made from all over the world which were imported to England.

Playing on this style is not only fashionable, but timeless. Victorian interior design has come in and out of fashion for decades, and now it’s back with a little twist. For instance, modern colors are now being introduced into the schemes, with all white chandeliers, distressed chests full of drawers, and much more.

Dealing with the Walls

A new play on the Victorian design is the usage of designer wallcoverings. These are big, bold patterns that demand attention from the eyes as you look at them, but they can also be subtle, depending on the colors and pattern you choose.

Designer wallcoverings are slightly different than wallpaper because they are usually more textured and create more noticeable patterns. Matching furniture with these walls is more difficult, but arguably much more rewarding. Designers are using wallcoverings more and more because they accent a lot of specific types of furniture, and the reward is high when you match everything together.

Where to Find Them

Just as with a lot of modern design elements, looking online to get a good idea of what you might like is a great way to get started. Try looking at all different types of patterns, and maybe even print out swatches to hold up to your current walls to see how it works. Then you can simply reach out to a design company and, either pick out one of their designs or, ask them if they’re interested in making something for your home.