Professional Mouse Removal in St. Paul for Savvy Modern Rodents

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Pest Control


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During spring and summer months, the world comes alive with creatures big and small. If you’re not careful, some of the nature’s miracles may decide to share in the comforts of your home. A task as routine as having the field next to your house bush hogged could send its former residents searching for new refuge, and in their eyes, that suitable shelter tends to lie under the nearest roof.

Mice are prime culprits when it comes to uninvited roommates, and they’re quick to make themselves right at home. If waking up in the morning to find your pets’ food and a variety of cereals spilling out into your pantry has become a routine occurrence, these seemingly cute little critters may be to blame. Of course, despite their diminutive size, they’re capable of inciting considerable damage.

In most cases, mice don’t limit themselves to an occasional snack from the cupboard. They’ll shred your comforters, winter coats and the boxes they’re stored in to build their nests. Should any wiring within your walls block their paths, they’ll chew their way through that as well. Everyone needs more than one entrance and exit, so they’ll create their own doorways in your drywall.

In the past, Mouse Removal in St. Paul was a fairly simple task. Baiting a couple traps and exercising a small amount of patience was all it took to remedy the situation. Modern mice are savvy creatures, and they’ve grown wise to the ways of the world. They can easily manipulate the cheese right out of the waiting jaws of your traps and take it back to their nests inside your walls. Cats of days long gone were another simple solution, but today’s generation is perfectly content to sit idly by and let the mice take their toll on your home.

While certain over-the-counter poisons remain effective for less experienced members of the rodent kingdom, they also pose hazards to your pets. At the same time, even the most potent of toxins won’t keep the mice from entering your domicile in the first place. An expert at Mouse Removal in St. Paul will start from the beginning, seeking out their entry points and sealing them. From there, they’ll take away those who’ve already moved in and provide any necessary support should others arrive in the future.

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