Advantages and Considerations Involving Hardwood Flooring in Manhattan

by | Jun 21, 2016 | World Wide Home Improvement


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Homeowners may have trouble deciding between laminate and Hardwood Flooring in Manhattan when it’s time to remodel their place of residence. They know that laminate is easier to care for and not as vulnerable to any type of damage. Laminate has a wood core, but the surface is resin, which has protective characteristics. It can look very much like hardwood, and it costs less. However, people who truly love the look of wood may feel drawn to choosing that material. Are there advantages of wood as compared with laminate?

Many people feel that authentic Hardwood Flooring in Manhattan simply is more attractive. If it’s important for their home to have that authentic appearance, they probably should go with wood. They may want to create a specific impression on their friends, relatives and other guests that they don’t feel can be achieved with laminate designed to look like wood. There’s nothing quite like the glossy finish and gleaming beauty of hardwood. It’s eye-catching in the sunshine and also when soft lighting shines on it in the evening. The appearance is one of timeless loveliness that is impossible to achieve with any other flooring material. A company such as New York Wood Flooring installs numerous types of hardwood floors from various manufacturers.

Choosing hardwood flooring is a fine decision as long as the homeowners are prepared to care for it properly. That mainly means immediately wiping up any food and beverage spills, as well as any tracked-in snow or rainwater. People need to carefully consider whether hardwood is a good choice for rooms more susceptible to spills and moisture issues, which includes kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and the laundry area. Most homeowners choose a different material for those areas to avoid potential problems. Other than these issues, wood floors are easy to clean.

Whereas homeowners may be faced with replacing other types of flooring after decades of use, hardwood typically can be sanded and refinished instead of being replaced. Hardwood is very durable, making it relatively easy to refinish and eliminate surface damage. Laminate cannot be refinished since the resin surface provides the illusion of hardwood through photographic imagery.

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