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Questions To Ask Painting Contractors Before You Hire Them

Regardless of whether you are considering interior or exterior painting, one thing is sure; hiring painting contractors in Clarksville TN is a wise investment. When paint is properly applied to a prepared surface you will add value to your home and certainly add a great deal of curb appeal to the property. When you elect to hire professionals you know the job will be done right, that’s probably something you can’t say for yourself.

Before you start interviewing candidates always remember that all painting contractors in Clarksville TN are not created equal. Some have many years experience under their belt while others are just beginning, some specialize in only internal or external while others do both. You may even a job that requires specialist skills that many contractors can’t deal with.

When you interview painters ask a few pointed questions:

Area of expertise: Different painters often focus on different areas of expertise, you will definitely want a painter that is experienced in doing the type of work you want doing.

Ask about the products they use: If the painter offers a variety of products and he is in a position to speak knowledgeably about each product’s advantages and disadvantages that is a very good sign.

What’s included in the proposal: Never assume anything; always insist on a written proposal that specifies everything that is included in the price.

Ask for references: The best painting contractors in Clarksville TN will be justifiably proud of the work that have done in the past and be happy to provide references. If there is any hesitation in doing this, this is not a good sign.

Timing: The length of time that it will take to complete the job is quite important. Find out when they can start ad how long it will take. You can expect differing answers based on the size of the crew and the amount of work on hand.

Once you have settled on a contractor get a written contract, in this way both parties know what to expect.

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