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Safety Tips on Garage Door Opener Installation in Chester County

Garage doors help to secure your vehicles and any other appliances you could be storing in the garage and protect them from vandalism and theft. However, to have maximum security, you need to ensure that the door opener is in good working order. In case your garage door opener has stopped working, you should think about replacing it. Here are some tips on Garage Door Opener Installation in Chester County.

Understanding how the mechanism works

There are three basic types of garage doors openers:

• Chain driven

• Belt driven

• Screw driven

Regardless of the type of opener you opt for, safety is an important consideration to make when you are doing the installation. Note that the entire weight of the garage door is supported by door springs, pulleys and cables. In case the garage door is not running smoothly, have it repaired before installing the opener.

The other safety precaution you should follow is that you should not alter the springs, cables or pulleys during the process of installing the opener. Also, you should deactivate all locks before you start working on the door, this will help you avoid getting personal injury that could result from the garage door engaging during the process.

During the process of installation

Below are the safety tips that you should follow during the installation process:

• The power unit should be installed at least 7 feet from the ground to prevent people from running into it.

• If you have to install permanent wiring to supply power to the system, disconnect the power at the mains; this will protect you from electric shock.

• Install the push button at least 5 feet from the ground to prevent small children from reaching it and the injuries that could result from that.

• Before you start installing the opener, take time and familiarize yourself with all the parts of the system and how they work.

These are the safety measures you should take during garage door opener installation. In case you are not confident about DIY installation, you can have experts at Smoker Door Sales to do it for you. They offer top-notch garage door opener installation backed by a solid workmanship warranty!