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Security Windows in Gold Coast: Types

Most homeowners think of security windows in Gold Coast as those metal/steel bars that are screwed into the frame and look hideous. While you can still find that style, most homeowners don’t want their home to look like a fortress or prison. You can find a variety of options out there, making it easier to keep your home secure and safe. Whether you’re a homebody who likes to stay in and watch television or are always out and about, your home and everything in it must be safe.

Security windows in Gold Coast can include Crimsafe screens that go on the outside of the house. They look like any other screen system, but they cannot be cut or busted open. You need an authorised dealer to install Crimsafe products, but you’ll feel comfortable and secure after the installation.

If you didn’t want to go quite that far yet, you can also switch your current panes of glass to double-glazing. It includes two panes of glass with a small space between that is filled with gas. It creates a seal and a double barrier to thieves who must break both panes to get into your home. You can also choose to add a Crimsafe screen to your double-glazing to ensure maximum security.

At Central Glass & Aluminium, they offer a variety of ways to keep your home safe. Most people focus on the doors because they are the primary entryway. However, your windows can be inviting to would-be thieves because they can be broken quickly so that an intruder can enter. Therefore, you can talk to their knowledgeable staff about ways to prevent that. They’re an authorised licensee of Crimsafe and offer a variety of other options, as well. Security windows in Gold Coast allow you to feel safe and comfortable without changing the aesthetics of your home.