Steps For Termite Removal In Annapolis

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Pest Control


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In Maryland, termites are a serious risk to any property. The insects eat wood and cause massive damage underneath the property. As the insects multiply, they spread throughout the home and cause structural instability. A local pest control service offers Termite Removal in Annapolis and explains what steps are involved.

Blocking Paths to Food Sources

Exterminators start the elimination process by placing barriers around termite colonies. The barriers prevent termites from accessing water and food sources. Without food and water, the termites starve and begin to die. It is an effective strategy for eliminating existing termites colonies.

Spraying Affected Areas

An insecticide is distributed throughout the property and kills termites as they move around. An inspection of the property helps exterminators identify all affected areas and determine how widespread the problem is. If termites are visible outside the home or around entryways, the infestation has reached a critical state. It is at this stage that the insects break through walls and enter the interior of the property.

Blocking Access to Lower Levels of the Property

Proper sealants and foundation treatments prevent the termites from entering crawlspaces and causing damage. Extermination teams evaluate all potential entry points where termites do the most damage. The pest control services help property owners seal the entryways and reduce further risks to the home. Existing property damage must be addressed by a contractor.

Ongoing Termite Control

Ongoing termite control is the best solution for mitigating the risk of further infestations. Property owners purchase a termite control contract through extermination services. A contract might offer discounts for the service and present access to additional treatment options. Pest control services explain the terms and cost of the contract.

In Maryland, termite control is vital for all property owners and mitigates the risk of profound property damage. The insects are often found underneath the home around the foundation. Termites live inside colonies constructed in the ground and use the colonies to breed and access food sources. Property owners who want to learn more about Termite Removal in Annapolis can know more now by contacting Accutech Pest Management and scheduling an appointment.

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