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Top Tips for Cleaning Your Wood Fired Oven

Your wood fired oven is something you enjoy using as much as possible. While wood fire stoves are a joy to use, just like any other oven on the market today, yours will need cleaning. Follow these tips to make cleaning your oven easier so you can get back to cooking in it instead.

Don’t Clean Directly After Cooking

All wood fired ovens are going to be extremely hot after cooking, which means you don’t need to try to clean it immediately. Leave the oven overnight or wait to clean it on a day when you haven’t been cooking in it at all. The first thing you should be concerned with is your safety so don’t clean when the oven is hot.

You Do Need to Clean It

It is important to note you do need to clean your wood fired ovens if they are particularly dirty. Not only will a dirty oven affect the taste of your food, but it can also be a fire hazard. If your oven is really dirty, it’s best to use your regular oven, then clean your wood fired oven so it’s sparkling clean to use for your next meal.

Use a Brush and a Scraper

A brush alone might not be enough to take the grime off of your oven so it’s best to have a scraper handy as well. You want the oven to be sparkling when you’re done for safety’s sake and the taste of your food. Using a brush to sweep out the ashes and a scraper to get at the hard, dried on food is a great way to have a clean wood fired oven in no time.