Types of Materials for Kitchen Countertops in Tucson

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Home Improvement


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When many people begin thinking about material for their Kitchen Countertops in Tucson, they may automatically think of granite. While there is no question that granite is a great option, it is not the only beautiful, durable, and affordable material used for kitchen countertops. Getting to know some of the other options can help a homeowner make an educated decision regarding the material they use in their kitchen.

Carrara Marble

While marble is softer than granite, it is still a popular option. Since it is softer, it may become stained and scratched; however, this helps to create a unique patina. This type of aging process helps to provide a natural, warm look to the marble. This warmth is very appealing to some people.


Wood countertops are making a comeback. This is mainly due to the style and durability this material offers. When a homeowner adds a wood top to their island and selects a contrasting material for perimeter counters, this adds a great deal of depth and interest to a kitchen. When it comes to wood Kitchen Countertops in Tucson, butcher block is the most popular option. However, slabs are able to be crafted from a number of woods, ranking from iroko to zebra wood to bamboo and cherry. The wear these counters experience provides a great looking patina, but it is necessary to oil them from time to time to prevent the surface from drying out.


This is a natural, smooth stone that comes in a wide array of hues ranging from charcoal to soft gray. It is one of the only natural surfaces that does not react to acidic substances, which means that orange juice and coffee won’t leave a stain behind. Soapstone is also a heat resistant material. When a homeowner chooses this type of countertop, they don’t need any type of special cleaner to keep the material looking great.

If a homeowner is considering having new kitchen countertops installed, it is a good idea to get to know some of the available options. More information about various types of countertops can be found by taking the time to visit the  website. Being informed is the best way to ensure the right material is selected.

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