Walk-in Beer Caves; Design and Construction in California

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Business


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There is a growing trend in the supermarket and convenience store business to install walk-in beer caves. Most new stores in California and those undergoing renovation are installing beer caves because they have been proven to increase the sales volume of chilled beer and other beverages. There is no one design. Beer caves are all different, usually based on the amount space and the physical layout of the store.

Beer caves are similar to any other walk-in cooler, with one major difference. They feature glass doors; either a single door leading to a common “cave” or multiple doors leading to specific brands of beer and other beverages. Beer caves are the perfect place to chill and store full cases of beer as well as kegs.

The Door

The type of door used on the beer cave plays a major role. The door is the entrance to the cave. It is the first thing that customers see when they enter the store. The thing that drives beverage sales is visibility, the larger the door, the more product that can be presented, and the better the presentation. Modern store design must be taken into account when choosing the beer cave door. In many cases, the frame is black and lit with directional LEDs.


Signs are the best way to draw attention to anything. The sign must be bright, easy to understand, and inviting. Beer suppliers are happy to work with store owners and managers in developing sales campaigns.


All beer caves should be well stocked, the product should be easy to find, and above all, the cave should be kept very clean and neat. Beer caves usually have six or seven shelves, this makes product presentation easy, and it makes it easy for customers to identify their favorite brand.

Walk-in beer caves are a great way to improve beverage sales. To discuss how this type of merchandising can help you, contact TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction in California.

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