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Wallpaper Installation: Decorative And Digital

Wallpaper first appeared at Christ’s College, Cambridge, England in 1509. It was placed on the walls of the Master’s Lodge. It became an indicator of wealth and status until the Industrial Revolution made it available to the working classes. Traditionally, a decorative wallpaper installation has been manufactured using either screens or block prints. Today, in places such as Chicago, IL and Paris, France, digital printing creates truly unique masterpieces to cover the walls of any home or business.

Technology and Wallpaper

The early technological advances of the Industrial Revolution resulted in the increased availability of what were until then products claimed exclusively by the wealthy – including wallpaper. Today’s technological revolution produces wall décor of both standard and customized types. In fact, today’s printing technology allows anyone to have their room papered with tailor-made designs.

Wood wallpaper has become hugely popular. Developments of digital printing technology combine with those in design allow printing companies to customize such aspects of your interior environment as wallpaper, pillows and even drapery. The high quality of the final digitally printed product is able to satisfy the stringent quality standards of well-known and respected interior designers. A growing interest in such products became increasingly evident following the first conference for Printed Interior Decoration (PID). It was held in Düsseldorf, Germany in November of 2014. This indicates the beginning of a new era in wallpaper installation.

Factors in Transferring Images to Wallpaper

If you have a concept or design to translate into wallpaper, it is important to keep in mind the various factors involved in the process. First, locate a printing company that is capable of providing you with the service.

Once you have located the printer, make sure they will do custom work. Most shops are willing but may prefer you to choose from their standard stock. Whether or not it is custom work, you need to consider two essential factors. These are:

  • The substrate material: What is the fabric or other material the company upon which the company will print your design? Some materials handle image transferal better than others do.
  • Resolution: You need to send them files with high-resolution images. These work the best when to comes to printing off wallpaper murals. A printing company would put it this way: The higher the resolution, the larger, sharper and more clear the result.

Understanding these aspects will help you influence the outcome.

Wall Paper Installation

Wallpaper is coming into vogue again in cities such as Chicago. However, today, technology is transforming it into something personal and unique. Today, it combines art with modern digital print technology. In doing so, printing companies are reintroducing wallpaper into décor while offering the option of a new way of looking at and creating wallpaper installation.