Is It Time to Replace Those Older Hurricane Panels in West Palm Beach

by | May 5, 2020 | Home Improvement


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Being prepared for hurricane season is something every Florida resident understands. When tropical storms gain the strength to be classed as hurricanes, having the right type of protection for the home matters. That’s where the idea of keeping a sturdy set of hurricane panel direct mount in West Palm Beach comes into the picture. Here are some signs that an older set of panels needs to be replaced.

Corrosion Has Weakened the Panels

While the current set of Hurricane Panel direct mount in West Palm Beach have held up well in past seasons, the set is beginning to show signs of wear. The metal is corroded and obviously weaker than in seasons past. Even though the current season is already underway, it makes sense to have a professional take a look and determine if the panels would hold up if a Category 3 hurricane moved through the area. If not, then it’s time to start looking for a replacement set.

The Panels Don’t Fit Now

Owing to some changes made to the home’s facade, the panels don’t fit the windows and doors as well as in the past. While they will still help limit damage during a hurricane, there will be a greater chance of injury or expensive repairs to the home. Talk with a professional and see what it would take to adapt the panels or possibly invest in new ones. All it will take is one hurricane coming through the area to justify the cost.

There’s Something Better on the Market

As with many products, the hurricane panels on the market today are designed to be easier to mount and maintain. Even if the current set is still in good shape, the homeowner may find that putting them in place quickly is harder than it was in years past. If a new set could be mounted in less time and without as much effort, buying new panels is a great idea.

Before assuming that the current panels will still hold up during severe weather, Call a pro and arrange to have the panels inspected. Buying a new set could be the difference between making it through a hurricane with minimal damage and having to deal with substantial losses.

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