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What Can A General Contractor In Agoura Hills, CA Do For You?

Since a contractor is a person or an organization hired by someone to carry out specific tasks on behalf of the hirer; the term general contractor would seem to be somewhat generalized. However; popular usage has led most people to associate a general contractor (in Agoura Hills, CA; or elsewhere) with the building and construction sector.

In construction; a general contractor in Agoura Hills, CA might also be the prime or main contractor depending on the size and scope of the construction involved. Generally speaking; the general constructor is more likely to be involved in construction work on behalf of individuals – usually home owners (for renovations, remodeling, etc) or land owners wishing to construct a home on their land. In either case, they are responsible for:-

  • The day to day supervision of the work site
  • Hiring and supervision of on-site labor
  • Selection of all necessary suppliers and sub-contracted trades people
  • Managing the activities of vendors and sub-contractors
  • Providing regular progress reports to their client throughout the entire duration of the project.
  • In Agoura Hills, CA County and throughout California; the general contractor must be licensed by the California Contractors State License Board. There are few exceptions to this rule and it applies whenever a project cost exceeds five hundred dollars.

New Homes

Some buyers prefer the type of standardized house found in larger developments of the planned community type while others wish to be more individual and opt for finding a lot and having it developed for their own home requirements. In the latter case, the land owner would normally go first to a qualified architect and; once the plans and permits have been finalized, then hire a general contractor to see the project through to completion.

Home Restoration, Renovations & Remodeling

In these post-depression days; this is possibly the field in which most general contractors operate. It is a field where they must be able to establish a good dialogue with potential clients from the start. In matters like room additions; remodeling kitchens; or bathrooms, etc; some changes to an existing structure are feasible and others might not be. The general contractor has to marry together the aims and expectations of the client with structural safety and building code requirements. Tact and diplomacy may often be required; even though a good contractor will always endeavor to put the client’s wishes first.

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