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What Type of Tick Control Is Best For Your Pet?

Because they spread disease, ticks are a pernicious problem. Unfortunately, New York does have a tick problem. The most common concern among pet owners in New York is the safety of tick control methods. As problematic as pests are, no one wants to expose their pets or anyone else in the family to toxic or carcinogenic chemicals. Rest assured and do not believe pseudoscientific reports scaring you away from effective tick control. Tick control for your pets is safe.

You can learn ways to prevent your pets from ever getting ticks, but even if you and your pet were to stay indoors all the time, prevention only goes so far. Ticks do prefer wooded areas. If you regularly walk your dogs in the woods, they are at a much higher risk of getting ticks. To minimize risks, you can do things like always remain on the trails and use repellants. You can also get special tick repellant clothing for you and your pet.

If you do find ticks on yourself or your pets, act soon. One of the benefits of professional tick control is that unlike sprays you get at pet stores, the method actually targets the root cause of the problem on your property. Ticks like being outdoors as much as your dog, which is why your back yard can become a prime breeding ground. Effective tick control does not just target the symptom (ticks on your pet) but also the cause (ticks on your property). You can call tick control specialists in New York like Viking for even more advice about how to control ticks.

Finally, do not panic if you see ticks. They can spread disease but more often than not, the problem results in minor discomfort. Calling professional tick control in New York like Viking will help clarify any concerns you have about tick control for your pets.