Window Security Screens: Why They’re Needed

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Screen Store


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As a homeowner, you have endless decisions to make for the aesthetic appeal and security of your house. For example, when it comes to security, you have many things to ponder. You may want to start off with window security screens because they are inexpensive and work well. Later, you might choose to install an alarm system. However, most homeowners feel confident and safe knowing that these screens are more durable than traditional flyscreens.

Window security screens do more than keep out intruders and thieves. They can also act as a flyscreen to keep out bugs. You can leave your windows open during the cooler months without having to deal with sneaky bugs and pests. The mesh is super-fine, which means bugs can’t get in through the tiny holes. You can leave the air conditioning and lights off and be comfortable. Many times, the screen also blocks the sun’s rays from penetrating into the home. You reduce the risk of the sun fading your possessions, but you also keep your house a little cooler. Plus, you don’t have to worry about seeing outside. You can easily see what’s going on in your backyard, but neighbours and would-be thieves can’t easily see inside.

SP Screens offers window security screens. You’ll find two choices. The SecureView Eclipx screen is available for windows and doors. It is made using 316 stainless steel mesh. It also has other features that make it highly durable and strong. The Xceed brand uses perforated aluminium sheets, so it isn’t quite as strong. However, it can still withstand kicking and other attack forms, making it highly desirable for people on a budget. Other window screen options include fall-safe and fire/emergency escape screens. If you’re unsure of what you need, you can always talk to a friendly representative to get advice.

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